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Specialising in small & expensive goods requiring special handling.


Inventory Management


You can trust Links Warehousing and Fulfillment with your inventory. Our inventory management system shows real-time inventory, updated as your goods arrive and leave our warehouse. Real-time inventory helps you make real-time decisions using accurate information. All data is backed up over different servers and is accessible to our warehousing clients through a secure web connection. We can automate the order entry process, or control it manually depending on your level of need.


Order processing is flexible and we can work with your system of choice from automated to manual systems. Our fulfillment team recognise the importance of prompt receiving, precise inventories and on time shipping. Links Warehousing & Fulfillment demonstrates a ‘can do’ attitude. A great deal of time, thought and experience goes into arranging inventory so it can be efficiently picked, packed and shipped according to your operational requirements and also improving our service and efficiency. We scan items by UPC code, barcode or by SKU number. We scan all products in and out of our warehouses, so we always know exactly where your goods are located in our warehouses.

Unlike many warehousing & fulfillment companies we welcome our clients to come and visit our warehouses in Toronto and see for themselves how their inventory is being taken care of.

Since 1999, Links Warehousing & Fulfillment has been proven to offer our clients The Canadian Distribution Advantage