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The Canadian Distribution Advantage™

It sounds great, but what is it?

Over the years we have met with many companies looking to sell goods into Canada. One of the recurring themes to come up was the fact that many companies were talking to distributors to buy their products and then sell them to the Canadian market. That sounds lovely, but a distributor typically takes 35-50 percentage points from your profit. Why give up so much profit? We started to develop a business package for companies eager to take advantage of the Canadian marketplace. For reference purposes, the Canadian market is roughly 1/10th of the size of the US market. That's the same size as the states of New York, New Jersey and Massachussets combined. 

Links Warehousing & Fulfillment saw the issues for customers working with a distributor and decided to change the way we do business. We offer a lot of the same functions you would get from a regular distributor, but you get to own the product and to keep the profits.


Why look for a distributor, when you can work with the anti-distributor at a fraction of the cost? We work as part of your team, helping you save money.