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Canadian Warehousing for Start-ups & Small Businesses

23 January, 2014

At Links Warehousing & Fulfillment we don’t just focus on big business; we’re interested in working with start-up companies and small businesses as well. The story we often hear from smaller companies, is that they were deemed too small by a warehouse and their business was turned away.


If you have seen the front page of our website (click here), you would see that our tagline is: “We do things a little differently here. We focus on your growth.” What does that actually mean though? What that means is that Links is there to support your business no matter what your storage requirements, seasonal requirements, or order requirements are. Your business can grow with us by paying for only the warehouse space and order fulfillment services you use in a given month. If you want to do business in the Canadian market, we can help! We're more than happy to share references from our smaller clients so you can see that we really do offer services to all companies, no matter the size. 

So if you require, co-packing, logistics management, supply-chain solutions, pick and pack, warehousing, e-fulfillment, order fulfillment, product re-work, inventory management, or even a place to store over-stocked goods for a few months, LInks Warehousing & Fulfillment have you covered.

3PL (Third-Party Logistics) companies should offer flexibility like this rather than paying for unused space and services; how else can your company be expected to grow? 

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