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The Advantages and Benefits of 3rd Party Warehousing

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The Advantages and Benefits of 3rd Party Warehousing

11 May, 2015

Not every business is the same, and not every business has the same warehousing needs. And while third party warehousing may seem more fitting for a larger company, there are clear advantages and benefits for small and mid-sized companies. In fact, third party warehousing can provide flexible, manageable, and cost-effective storage and distribution, while offering a host of additional logistics services as part of the mix.

Third party warehousing could be particularly attractive for companies with special needs. For example, companies who are just starting out; or those who have a small, but growing base of clients; or those dealing with seasonal products; or even those who distribute products where demand fluctuates. And for a company that’s not sure about their future warehousing needs, third party warehousing may be the perfect solution.

In Toronto, and throughout the GTA, Links Warehousing & Fulfillment is a full service provider, offering third party logistics to companies of all sizes. With state-of-the-art facilities, customer needs can be customized to suit, whether those needs are short term or long term. The result:  maximum efficiency and productivity. With high-tech equipment and advanced computerized technology, even the most unique customer requirements can be accommodated.

For companies with warehousing/distribution that is constantly changing, the flexibility of a third party provider can offset a scenario where existing storage space is either too little or too much. Both situations can be costly and inefficient. Beyond that, nothing can compare with the professional approach to logistics – with the tools, expertise, and experience to manage product inventory and distribute anywhere in the world.

One of the major benefits of third party warehousing is the cost savings. Links Warehousing & Fulfillment has 25,000 square feet of warehouse dedicated to “pick and pack” services, and an additional 100,000 square feet of space for bulk pallet storage. For many companies, this can represent substantial cost savings on both labor and operational costs. Companies pay for the space they need and for the time they need it.

Third party warehousing also offers a variety of additional services that might not otherwise be available in-house. And depending on need, the outsourced cost of processing, packaging and shipping can deliver cost effectiveness that is otherwise unattainable. This is especially true for customers who require such services as “pick and pack” order fulfillment; returns processing and re-packaging; and even refurbishing and re-boxing.

At Links Warehousing & Fulfillment, the benefits of third party logistics go even further. With a cutting-edge warehouse management system, inventory tracking and management is as easy as a mouse-click away, and customers can access worldwide. On the flip side, international clients doing business in Canada can establish a Canadian position with ease – it means easier order fulfillment, short shipping times, and savings on customs, duties and fees.

For third party warehousing, or any other logistics solutions, Links Warehousing & Fulfillment can provide the perfect mix of services. Best of all, the benefits make the initial and ongoing investment well worth it for the bottom line.